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About the Artist:

Count Angelo C.M. Agazzi was born in Venice. He studied in his native Venice and finished his education in Paris, France.

Count Agazzi's glass and oil paintings are admired among the best private and public collections around the world.

Since 1975 Count Agazzi has been cited in the American Standard Encyclopedia and important Collector's Books for his technique of "Reverse painting on glass". From amateurs to art enthusiasts and renowned individuals including Kings and Presidents of the United States such as, Nixon, Carter and Reagan have commended him for his work.

Mr. A. Clark, curator of Arts at the Dayton Art Institute, in Ohio, said of him:"...I was intrigued with the idea of some one with talent enough and patience enough to revive this nearly forgotten artform. Count Agazzi has both...". Count Agazzi glass and other media paintings have  been acclaimed by many newspaper critics. For example, Thomas Ritz declared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette ...'' His work gives the appearance that it has literally been pealed from the Sistine Chapel, it would rival any oil for breath-taking reality...''. At one of his shows, Dorothy Fagg of the   Dallas Time Herald  of Texas, wrote: ''... he attracted the most of the attention of the people in Dallas...''.Helen Borsik, of The PLain Dealer  in Cleveland, Ohio, said: ''... suffice it to say that the technique is much more complicated than conventional painting, more challenging, and highly-rewarding...''. While Mary Silvester of Detroit, Michigan, in The Tribune, acknowledge that: ''... talent rather thentitle is the proven asset of Count Agazzi, eventhough he has both...''. In The Atlanta Constitution, of Georgia, we read: ''... art form from several centuries ago has been recaptured by a talanted charming Count...''. In Il Progresso Italo Americano, Mario Albertazzi declared:''... everywhere admired by the public and honored by the critics, the aristocratic Venetian artist has been acclaimes as a sensitive and inspired artist of great technical originality...''. In The Italian Tribune of America, Mary B. Quello defined the artist as follows: ''... one of the most accomplished artist of our time...''. .....

If You are interested in one of the Paintings shown, plese send me an e-mail and I will send You a bigger picture with the price.

If You want to contact me this is my e-mail. angeloagazzi@gmail.com